T4 Turbo Gasket Kit (t4 flange gasket, and both oil gaskets) 10$ plus shipping

Passenger side A-Pillar. Graphite. 15$ plus shipping

Stock a4 shifter assembly with leather knob. 40$ plus shipping

CSR Iinline radiator filler. 1.25" inlet and outlet. Has an extra -6an bung tig'ed on for the head coolant crossover line to feed in. 30$ plus shipping

Stock ls1 map sensor. SOLD!

2 1.5" t-bolt hose clamps and 4 1.25" ones. All from Hightempsilicone.com. They run 4$ each from them. Looking for 3$ each or 15$ for all of them.

FLowmaster Turndown. They usually come in a set od 2 for 30$. Looking for 10$ plus shipping.

4" Black Hightempsilicone coupler. 8$ plus shipping

21000 gvw tranny cooler by Derale. Its black with 5/16" hose fittings. 30$ shipped. See here:

Stock ABS module from a 3-channel car. Works perfect, I just removed abs.
50$ shipped