I am thinking about pulling the motor on my 99 FRC and buliding up a stroker with an iron block for big boost. The motor has 70k on it and runs perfect and has no issues at all.It comes with valve covers, oil pan, heads, bottom end, basically the whole engine minus the accerioes on the front such as the alternator and brackets and what not. I had the car dynoed with a k@n, cat back and not cats and it put down 339whp and 348 ftlbs so its a strong motor. It is still in the car and can be pulled and shipped asap whenever a buyer is found. If wanted i can be contacted and the motor can be heard running and driving and what not either in person if local, or over the phone just to ensure the purchase. If anyone is intersested shoot me a pm im thinking $1,800 does that sound resonable ? I also have it listed on a few corvette forums.