I figured i'd post this for you guys even though i dont have a t/a anymore I thought this would be a better way to reach and interested buyer.

Its on ebay with a Buy it now of 250

6 Tires For the price of less then 4!

4 Almost new Yokohama Ice Guard Tires Size 225 55 R16 Perfect winter tire size for Trans Am's / Camaros / Firebirds with stock 16" wheels. Also may fit many other cars, check online to see. These were driven on for approx 2000 miles before they were taken off, i purchased them around this time last year and didnt drive my trans am much during the winter. As you can see the factory paint symbols and the sidewall wear indicators are still in tact. These are going for 109 each on discount tire. (436 new just for the yokos)

As a bonus i have two more F-Body friendly sized tires with about 70% tread left which would make a quick fix if you're running bald tires this time of year. They are Dunlops sized 245-50-15 which is a bit wider then stock but gives you a bit more meat to the road.

ebay item number 8027089340 (cant post urls since i never really posted much after the bulk re-register)