Hello, i have a 6.0L iron block that is out of a 2001 Silverado Hd i believe, but not 100% sure. Block is in great shape, STD bore and all the cylinders are in great shape you can still see the cross hatches in them, It comes with the timing cover, the valley cover and the rear cover, no lifter guides or sensors.

I bought this for a swap into my 92 Sonoma GT, but decided that i wanted to shave some weight and go with an LS2 Block for my build. I paid 300 for the block and am just looking to recover what i spent. The block is in Houston, and i am wiling to meet anyone that is in DFW area, San Antonio or Auston Areas somewhere halfway between there and Houston so they cna pick up the block and avoid shipping cost, as its pretty heavy.

The guy i bought it from in dallas said he took it to the machine shop and had it all checked out and all was good and its ready for a rebuild, i was planning a 408 with it.

Thanks and i have pics i can email on request and feel free to email me of you have any questions.