Used 3k miles

Crane 1.89 Gold Roller Rockers

guide plates, stud nuts, and hardened 7.25 inch pushrods that work in conjunction with the rockers arms.

Asking $380 shipped

I paid $670 for them new, the studs are missing, youll have to contact either VHP or cranecams to order those separately. You will also need the poly locks. VHP should be able to help with everything, the studs run $76 through Summit. I believe these are the correct ones according to cranecams, but you may want to double check to be sure.

Heres a link to where I purchased everything new

Cool thing about these is they come off the seat at 1.89 and then settle to 1.79 when the valve is all the way open, so those concerned with P to V can effectively and safely increase the duration and lift events of a cam.

I still recommend checking P to V if the lift is in question. These are beautiful and stronger, and amazingly only 5 grams heavier a piece than stock stamped.

I prefer paypal.