List of all the things for sale,Everything i have listed is "Brand new in a box never used" i bought all this stuff from a guy and he never used one thing,im selling everything for less then what it cost brand new check it out if you dont beleive me.i also have alot of the receipst on this stuff that i could show how much this stuff costed.My email and cell number are on the bottum of this page.My email is I have paypal as well please let me know if interested my cell number is 1-845-742-7362 my names is adam.Please call me or leave me and email i check thoses more frequently.

Corsa Tigershark Exhaust $1000 plus whatever shipping cost Brand new in box,brand new they cost about$1100,includes all hardware

B&BTriFlow Exhaust B&B C5 PRT - Quad Round Tips $800 plus whatever shipping cost brand new in box also.brand new cost around $930,includes all hardware

I also have a half of a corsa exhaust system its the part that mounts to the x-pipe to the the exhaust baffles for slae also $400 plus whatever shipping cost.

TPIS Coated Long Tube Headers for a 2001-2004 Corvette C5-ZO6 $800 also brand new in box ready to ship.Brand new they cost around $895,includes all hardware.

2 Sets Of Jet Hot Shorty Headers one for a 1997-2000 Corvette and the other set for 2001-2004 Corvette coated,$600 for one set and $600 for the other,includes all hardware.

A set of 4 Front and Rear Coil over Shock Package adjustable from west coast corvette,$1300 plus whatever shipping cost,includes all hardware.

2 SLP BlackWing Intakes $200 a piece,plus whatever shipping cost,includes the lower belly coupler to make fit on the mass air flow sensor

Random Technology X-Pipe W/High Flow Random Technology Cats $630,plus whatever shipping cost.