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600+ HP N/A 98 WS6 Formula

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    600+ HP N/A 98 WS6 Formula

    I’m testing the water for my car. I wouldn't have time to deal with selling it, etc for at least 3 weeks (very busy w/my training). Please refrain from posting unless you want to buy as I'd greatly appreciate it!

    I’m preparing for a house coming up in April/May of ’06. I can invest this money to make a bit of a gain for an even better down payment. I have my daily driver to use for the meantime.

    The car runs killer. Many people can attest to the wicked nature of this car that have recently ridden in it. It never stops pulling all the way to redline. In the few little runs its had since the new motor/tune, it pulled a H/C LS1 + 125 shot (put down over 535 RWHP and near 600 RWTQ on the same dyno I used) by 1 car and kept pulling from a roll to top of fourth. It runs awesome, just needs some tweaking on the idle tune and it’ll be dead solid. A/F was 13.1 or so on the dyno via wideband. There is some chatter with the clutch, but nothing I can't deal with.

    The car put down, on pump gas, with a safe tune, and 25-27* of timing through a stock LS6 intake, ported stock TB, descreened stock MAF:

    Super Flow #s 501/485 RWHP/TQ, FWHP 589 N/A

    DynoJet corrected #s 530/515 RWHP/TQ, FWHP 624 N/A

    (Graph attached below)

    It has another easy 35 RWHP with a Fast 90/90, 85MM MAF/Lid combo. It’d also gain at least 10-15 RWHP with a set of 1 7/8 headers. So you’re looking at a possible 550 RWHP car with just those bolt-ons! Slap on an electric water pump for about another ~8-10 rwhp, and you can see there is still plenty more that can be had out of the car.

    Paint is in excellent shape for being a 1998 car with the original paint on the car. The front and rear bumper has some scratches, too. The rest of the body is straight as an arrow.

    It gets about 13 MPG city and just over 24.5 on the highway! The body has just over 100,000, I believe 100,056 on it. The car itself is worth about 9-10K stock and I calculated up over $27K in parts excluding labor, in the car. Brand new, professionally assembled, balanced, blueprinted, all the best parts.

    Price $16,800 firm.

    No trades, thanks.
    My e-mail is:

    1998 NBM Formula WS6 Clone (looks just like an ‘01+ WS6)
    Pretty complete mod list below:

    Engine Components (<2K on engine completely assembled by Futral Motorsports)

    Iron 6.0L block - $650

    Deck/bore/hone/deburr/clean/balance/sonic test - $790

    Diamond Pistons - $796.95

    FMS Cam - $399

    Valve Springs - $115

    New bearings - $180

    Cometic head gaskets - $150.00

    New engine gaskets - $100

    Valve job - $350

    ARP Main Studs - $159.95

    Pilot Bearing $17.00

    Align bore mains - $250

    Lunati 4.000 crank - $2699.95

    Lunati Pro Billet 6.125” rods - $1128.99

    Jessel 1.7 rockers - $695.00

    Pushrods - $105

    Oil Pump - $150

    Double Roller - $95.00

    LS6 MTI S3 Heads - $3300 + core

    Total $12,131.80 + labor

    ASP Pulley $250


    Eibach SLP springs/Bilstein SLP shocks - $645 (<8K on this and rest of suspension)

    PHB - $100

    LG TQ Arm - $495

    Roll Cage - $500

    LG LCAs - $200 (replaced both rod ends with the same high quality QA1 used by LG <4K miles)

    SLP Radiator - $250


    Dynatech 1 ľ - 1 7/8” - $480

    3” ORY - $350

    Electric cutout - $195.00

    Factory Conv top switch to run cutout - $100

    SLP Dual/Dual $450


    RAM HD - $399

    Billet SPEC flywheel - $420

    Ripper Shifter - $179

    RAM Adj master - $150
    New throwout bearing installed - $50

    ARP flywheel bolts $25

    Fresh Tranny (<8k on this, also)
    Steel 3-4 shift fork
    A new 3rd gear
    3-4 syncronizer assy
    Carbon fiber 3-4
    A new a 2nd gear
    A new 5th gear
    A new1-2 syncro
    A new 5-6 syncro
    New 1-2, 5-6 blockers
    Over $600 in parts not including labor! It's the SMOOTHEST shifting T56 I have driven and it's QUIET as hell!


    TSP lid - $100

    K&N - $50

    Shaner S3 TB - $140

    LS6 Intake - $300

    AMW Catch Can - $90

    SLP smooth bellows - $25


    Taylor wires - $60

    Optima Battery - $150

    SVO 30 lb/hr injectors - $220


    Racetronix PNP Fuel Pump $250


    WS6 Wheels $2400 ($600 ea/dealer)

    Stainless emblems/grills/badges $350

    WS6 hood - $1100


    Leather Seat covers by Katzkin, custom two tone (black w/pacific blue) w/contrast stitching - $950

    Autoleathers Leather shift boot - $40

    Autoleathers steering wheel cover - $25

    MBA shift knob - $40

    Shiftlight - $55

    MBA Billet Pedals - $250

    Complete Ebony interior swap (over $2000 to do, dash, carpet, all panels, etc)

    New Stuff

    - steering rack (<5K) $150

    - power steering pump (<5K) $50

    - front hubs (<9K) $250

    - starter (<2k) $120

    - oxygen sensors (Denso O2s, <4K) $140

    - alternator (<2K) $120

    - driver’s side ball joint (<4K) $35

    - NGK TR6s (<2K) $15

    - Fuel filter (<10K) $12

    What it needs:
    Front bumper cover painted (scratches, been there as long as I have had it)
    New front brake pads
    New window motors
    New power antenna
    Some idle tuning (too lazy and no time to do it)
    A/C recharged

    Comes with a spare SLP dual/dual muffler system.

    Will not sell for less.

    There will be more pictures available later today!
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