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Opinions on what to do with rare low mile Firehawk?

This is a discussion on Opinions on what to do with rare low mile Firehawk? within the Almost Anything Goes forums, part of the Off - Topic / Discussion forums category; Hi. I have 2 questions: What is the car worth? Would you keep it and enjoy it, or sell it? ...

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    Opinions on what to do with rare low mile Firehawk?

    I have 2 questions:
    What is the car worth?
    Would you keep it and enjoy it, or sell it?

    In getting ready to sell my house, I pulled my 2002 Firehawk out in the driveway for a few hours to get it out of the way to move things. Weather temp got up to 72 degrees F and the car was in the sun much of the time. When I pulled it back in the garage I noticed some bubbling in the sail panel paint which lead to to a search to discover a manufacturing defect I was unaware of
    The car has 3,900 miles, still has the factory air in the tires, factory inspection stickers on the windshield, factory tags and stickers inside, never seen rain or snow and has spent most of it's life in the garage. Still smells new. Due to the option combo it was 1 of 3 made like it when I ran the #s many years ago.
    So the car is a time capsule but now has 2 value dropping issues. (1) The factory fuel pump had to be replaced with a new GM fuel pump and (2) now it has the sail panel defect which cannot be fixed short of replacing the sail panel which has long since been discontinued.

    I didn't order the car to store as an investment but because it was the last chance to get a new Firebird the way I wanted it, that no one had modified or abused. My original plan was to put 10th anniversary decals on it to give it a "bandit" look and I even bought the decals and wheels long ago. I thought I would have time to enjoy it every couple months to give me a break from the toils of life, but I have been way too busy. Compared to saving people from suicide, saving marriages and the souls of men, a car that will ultimately go back to dirt just hasn't seemed important.
    So now the question is what to do.
    My daily driver is a 1988 Oldsmobile which is getting really old. It seems the longer I keep the Firehawk the more I'm going to hurt it and diminish the value. I was planning to sell it to bring as much money as I could for my ministry work since I work for free but now that this has happened to the car I am questioning if I should just keep it, put the decals on it like orininally planned and start using it. It's basically a new car and should last a long time to come. I love helping people with their problems but I literally work every day of every year unless I'm too sick to work so it does wear on me. A fun car is a great relief from the wear that the world brings on you. I'm getting old quick and time is running out. Hopefully my house will bring enough money to make my future ministry building affordable so in theory I could keep the Firehawk at least for a while longer. Thoughts?

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    To much to read holy shit, just sell it.

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