decided to black the front bowtie and SS emblems today. they are just clipped into the grille.

first remove the cover plate that surrounds the hood latch. 8 plastic tabs and 4 10mm bolts. pull the bumper cover up and slide plate out.

the bowtie is pretty easy. just push down on the clips and pull out. here it is taped off and painted

the SS emblem is a little trickier. take a small screw driver and push between the outside of the emblem and grille on each side. there is a rectangle holder you'll need to grab from behind the grille. somewhat tight area to get arm through where you removed the plate to get access to. had a friend with smaller arms grab it while i held the bumper cover up.

here it is painted. i took a brass brush and removed the red paint. sprayed it down, dried, then removed the paint off the chrome part.

here they are reinstalled into the grille