Iím new here and was looking for info about a problem with my radio and power windows going out randomly and found helpful info that it might be the BCM.

Anyways, the problem just started happening while driving home from the auto shop after the replaced the power steering and hoses, along with the water pump. The mechanic said heíll research and get back to me which he hasn't.

Iím just wondering if something like this can be caused by having the power steering and hoses replaced or the water pump? Like maybe a loose wire or something? It seems that if the problem is because of work they did, they should try and find it.

Itís so hard to find an honest mechanic (especially being a female) and I donít look forward to finding another one to fix something they may have done. He is mechanic # 4 who did the same work as the previous 3 in 2 years and less than 2,000 miles. I find it hard to believe the same work needed to be done when the car hardly gets driven (has 70,000 miles) and has been very well taken care of since I bought it in Ď02.

Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!