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Ls Swap Dual Tank Corvette filter/regulator

This is a discussion on Ls Swap Dual Tank Corvette filter/regulator within the LSx Retrofit and Swap forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I am currently in the process of swapping an LM7/4l60e into my '79 K20. It has dual tanks that I ...

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    Ls Swap Dual Tank Corvette filter/regulator

    I am currently in the process of swapping an LM7/4l60e into my '79 K20. It has dual tanks that I was planning on keeping by running a walbro inline pump after the tank selector valve (to avoid problems with running 60+PSI through a selector valve), and then use a corvette style filter/regulator.

    I had a thought the other day that I may have an issue though... if the regulator regulates the pressure to 50psi (not sure exactly what these are typically set at), and the pump is pushing 65psi through the regulator, then at least in theory there will be a constant flow of fuel from the regulator back to the tank. Since I'm running dual tanks it would seem that if the return was run to one tank or the other that it could cause problems because if the tank that the return is plumbed to is full, and the switch is on the opposite tank, wouldn't it push fuel out the vent of the tank not being used?

    Even if i did a T for the return line and sent it to both tanks it seems like it could be an issue because then it would seem like it would essentially pump fuel from the tank being used to the opposite tank. And at 15 psi it wouldn't be a trickle either so I'd have to keep switching back and forth to use up all the fuel in both tanks...

    Anyone use a similar setup with dual tanks? Any advice or theories about what would work?

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    You should definitely have fuel constantly returning to your tank. The injectors have to have a constant pressure so the computer can calculate how long to keep them open based on the engine demand. The regulator will be set at about 58psi. If you look at your flow vs pressure charts for your pump your probably putting out 45-50 gallons per hour at that pressure. That should be more than your demand at WOT and definitely at idle, so the extra fuel has to be returned. It will not be at 15psi though. There shouldn’t be any back pressure going to the tank so once the regulator releases it it should be gravity flow back to the tank. If it was me I would send it back to my “primary” tank or the one that you fill up if you’re in a hurry and only have time to fill one tank. I would always then start with that tank on a full refill.

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