I need some input here...I have a 1999 TJ Sport that I'd like to do an engine swap, a buddy of mine just gave me a 1999 Yukon w/ a L31 (5.7 Vortec) and matching transmission for $1100 (all Yukon parts included).

I'd rebuild both the motor and transmission if I use them as a swap, my question of the forum is would you use the L31 motor? I realize it's not the desirable LS motors everyone is using, but could I make it work?

1. I've read I may need a new rear end, what do I get?
2. Will my Jeep gauges work?
3. Yes, I have the harness and ECM, does this help me?
4. How much is a motor rebuild?
5. How much is a transmission rebuild?

Bottom line, for $1100 for the entire '99 Yukon do I put motor/trans in my 1999 TJ?