I bought a VersaFueler awhile back while waiting on my motor and other items. I had a issue with the VersaFueler not putting out a signal. I could bypass the box and the car would fire and run just fine. I emailed Jeff at acceleronics and he asked me to check the wires and make sure the power and ground were both good. He said if that didn't work send it back for a check up and repair if needed, no questions asked. I found my power and ground to be good and sent the box back to Jeff for a check up. Jeff got the box and checked it and found a burnt chip. I had somehow had a 12 volt source hit the input side and blow a chip out. Jeff fixed it and sent it back the next day, again with no questions asked. He's very polite and backs up his product with pride. Hard to find that these days. So if you are looking for a great low impedance injector driver and looking to buy one, that the manfucturer will stand behind with pride, a VersaFueler is what i would buy. Thanks again Jeff, if you happen to read this.