I ordered the UMI parts based on some thread research and the overall quality and price. UMI shipped very quickly and both were delivered to my door for around $480. The parts were packed very carefully and were very nicely fabricated and finished. The bolt-in SFCs include new rear control arm bolts, new tunnel brace bolts, and threaded bars/bolts for the front. I was missing some washers for the front bolts, but had to go get some loctite anyway.

The shock tower brace was totally easy on my '02 Z28. No hassles or difficulty whatsoever. You will need a 15mm socket, extension and u-joint for the least hassle. I was done in 15 minutes.

The SFCs were a little different. I have read how you can do this in your driveway with jackstands and ramps, but it looks to be a 3 hour job. I elected to hit a local "2Fast2Furious" shop since they had the lift and I could watch over their shoulder. The installation was remarkably painless. The use of the bars allows you to get one bolt in on the front of the connector and fish around to get the second bolt. On the lift, with two guys helping it took less than an hour. I can see how you could do this with jacks/stands/ramps, but man oh man it was worth the $80.

The car feels noticeably tighter and stiffer. I read a thread on another board with Sam Strano's thoughts on the matter of SFCs and Shock Tower Braces. In short, Sam's believes the SFCs can wait and the STB is probably a good idea early. I went with the SFC because my car has T-tops and I want the doors to stay aligned. I drove 8+ cars when I was shopping for mine and noticed there were about 40% of them with weird door alignment issues and slop - one convertible in particular was totally off. The downside? It highlights how crappy the stock shocks are. Next chassis mod is definitely shocks and a poly torque arm mount.

Would I do it again? Yup. Would I do it first? Only if I was concerned about preservation as a high priority. I don't really beat on my cars that bad - no drag racing, etc. - but I am fanatical about their appearance and reliability. The SFC gives me better handling, at least as good as the stock shocks gan give, and some peace of mind.