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S3 Throttle Body from S2 Performance

This is a discussion on S3 Throttle Body from S2 Performance within the Parts Review forums, part of the Sponsors Group Pricing and Parts Review category; I just installed my S3 ported (not polished) throttle body last week. It was my first solo install (no supervision ...

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    S3 Throttle Body from S2 Performance

    I just installed my S3 ported (not polished) throttle body last week. It was my first solo install (no supervision from my more knowledgeable friends), so it was not as hassle free as I would have hoped... live and learn.

    First Impressions
    Immediately after the install I noticed a massive improvement in throttle response. Not sure if I can feel a difference in actual power, but the engine feels as if it's bolted directly to my right foot. A positive side effect of the throttle body (at least on my car) is that it makes up-shifts smoother, as well as engaging 1st gear from a stop.

    With my stock throttle body, if I go WOT from idle, there used to be a little bit of a sputtering with the initial application of throttle. Now, the car accelerates at the exact rate that I increase the throttle.

    What I will say is that after all of my install issues were corrected as well as a previously undiscovered issue that may have been reducing performance prior to the install... the car feels NOTICEABLY faster now than it ever has.

    Quality piece of work.

    Instant gratification (this is a mod that you can really tell the difference before and after).

    Easy to install (hey, if I can do it... )

    If you're a beginner, you can learn some basics about installing/modding/maintenance. It's a good starting mod.


    This is one of the more expensive ported throttle bodies you can get. I don't have a basis for comparison other than stock. Despite this, it's still not a bank breaker.

    Shipping time was slow. Though, to give Mark Shaner the benefit of the doubt, I caught him at a bad time.

    Core charge is pretty high (more expensive than the actual TB, actually). I'm tempted to keep mine and try porting it myself, just for the learning experience. Still haven't decided what to do with it.

    Get a ported/polished throttle body for your car. You can't live without one.

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    I also have an S3 TB. Its been great now for a few years. And yes shipping was slow. I think it took 4 weeks to get mine, but it WAS worth the wait. He does very good work.

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