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If you're on a race track, there are three simple guidelines that will prevent you from having a very bad time. First, keep the car on the track. Next, keep the shiny side up. Finally, don't hit anything or anybody. If you follow these three rules, you might notice a commonality - keeping all four wheels on the ground. What if, though, you're on a track like the Nürburgring, and you're in a car fast enough to catch some air? Well, if you're the owner of a new Chevy Camaro Z/28, the engineers behind the car have prepared for just such an eventuality.

When the new Z/28 arrives at dealers, its performance traction management will be equipped with something called "flying car mode." No, that's not a joke. As explained in the video below, when engineers were catching air during the Z/28's development, the lack of resistance led the wheels to spin up and the traction control to kick. When the car came down, the car would slow.

To counteract that, engineers developed flying car mode, which basically shuts the traction control off as soon as the ride-height sensors detect a wheel going airborne. Once the Z/28 makes contact with terra firma again, traction control is reengaged. According to Chevy, adding this trick feature to the track-ready Camaro allowed it to skim five seconds off its Nürburgring time.

Take a look below for a short video on flying car mode, as well as a more detailed press release on the new traction tech.Continue reading Chevy details how it helps the Camaro Z/28 fly [w/video]
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