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Camaro's In The Snow

This is a discussion on Camaro's In The Snow within the General Help - 5th Gen forums, part of the 5th Generation Chevrolet Camaro 2010 - 2015 category; Considering trading in my 2005 Ford Escape 4WD for a 2013 1LT Camaro with V-6, 6 speed locking rear. How ...

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    Talking Camaro's In The Snow

    Considering trading in my 2005 Ford Escape 4WD for a 2013 1LT Camaro with V-6, 6 speed locking rear. How is this combination in the snow?

    Also, it is yellow and thinking having silver stripes added by the dealer along with the split rear spoiler. Thoughts?

    Thanks guys.

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    Are things fairly flat down by you? My wife winter drove her Dodge Challenger for the first time this year -- also a V6 with a posi. Realistically, there are but a handful of days in the winter where travel is really bad. Winter driving is definitely a skill and so long as you are comfortable with it, you'll probably be fine.

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    Never drove any of my f-bodies in the snow.
    It's possible, and on most days you'd have no problems, but I just consider it dangerous.. not only for me but for others on the road.

    I mean I know I can handle the car, but one patch of black ice or slick roads and that could be it, game over.
    Not that It can't happen in a truck, or a fwd car, but if its bad out fwd usually does ok and in a truck I'll just run in it 4wd if things look sketchy.

    2 cars for me, fbody for spring, summer and fall. Truck for winter and salty roads

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    Though the LT Camaros come with all season tires (unless you get an RS) it is highly recommended that you invest in a set of wheels and snow tires for the white months. The cars have decent weight, and the locking diff works well... but you need traction first.

    If you get an RS, they come with dry pavement, summer only tires.

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