Been doing a ton of research into exhaust work for my camaro. So far the only thing I've found that I actually like is putting Flowmaster Outlaw series muffler on it and deleting the resonators. The MRTs seem too raspy for me and I'm just not a fan personally.

I'm fully aware that the Outlaw series is built for the V8. I've seen multiple people throw them on V6s but as far as actually installing exhausts go I don't know a lot. For one, I know the 2014 1LT has 2.25" pipes but the Outlaws come as a 2.5" or a 3.0." This is where I'm lost. Do I resize all the piping from the cats back? Are there sizing adapters? These may be stupid questions but I've gotta learn somehow.

And before someone says it, no I'm not selling it and buying a V8. I don't know why people think thats helpful. It's not.

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