2012 Chevy Camaro ZL1 - High-Tech & High-Powered

Everything you need to know about the '12 Camaro ZL1Since the Camaro's reintroduction a year ago many companies have had their crack at topping the SS (some even with a full warranty), but at long last it was GM's turn. And the General did not let us down. As GM's Ed Welburn and Rick Scheidt said when the 2012 ZL1 was unveiled, this is the most technologically advanced Camaro ever built, perhaps why only the ZL1 nameplate was sufficient for describing it. While it doesn't utilize an all-aluminum 427 big-block, or even its late model cousin-the LS7-it does have the most powerful engine ever dropped onto an F-body chassis at a GM assembly plant. The 550-horse 6.2L supercharged LSA engine is also one of the most meticulously designed and built factory engines, which lends itself to a high degree of durability and function. It's clear GM has set its sights on not just the Ford GT500 or even the Dodge Challenger SRT8, but on every sports car ever made or not made.

Photo Gallery: 2012 Chevy Camaro ZL1 - First Look at the Most Powerful and High-Tech Camaro Ever - GM High-Tech Performance Magazine

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