Congratulations, Nutball on the September COTM win!

First, I'd like to thank all that voted.

This is a 2001 Trans Am WS9. I've done some research and found that what that means is it's a Trans Am (as far as the title reads - Formula/Trans Am)equipped with certain package options.
I've always wanted one of these cars since back in the late 90's when they first appeared, but could never afford one.
2 years ago I was involved in a nasty accident in which my car was destroyed by the typical "I was texting through the red light" driver.
I got T-boned rather hard. The driver admitted to what he did and with what I received for my loss through his insurance, I went out looking for a Firebird.

Since I work 60 miles from home, I knew that a V8 wasn't in my daily budget. I found a 2001 Firebird convertible with 60k miles in excellent condition. And the price fit my budget.
To see that car I would have had to drive 85 miles from my home. My wife said I should go to the Buick dealer up the street and check out the Trans Am they had just to see If I fit as in looking at these cars I found that different years with an M6 or A4 seem to have different allowances of leg room. I'm 6'3" so I understood what she was asking.
Low and behold there was this 2001 Trans Am with 25k miles already equipped with the WS9 True Fiber Ram Air hood with heat extractors. They had a price of 18k on it which wasn't in my ball park. The dealer told me if I was interested, don't do anything until..........
He called me 4 days straight with prices. As I declined every offer.......until the forth call. He said '$12,600 out the door'.The wife said "You need to buy it"
Since then I have added quite a few extras. LT's or Shorty's, a modified 4L60 and a 12 bolt would be my next venture. But for now, I'm happy.
She's definitely a head turner due to the rare color. 116 total for the 2001 production year.

Frost Tuned
B&M Stage 2 Shift Kit
Motive Preformance 3.73 R&P Gear
Magna Flow Cat Back w/RPM Electric Cut Out
MSD Wires/NGK Plugs
Smooth Bellow

QA1 3 Point Shock Tower Brace
Spohn 25mm Rear Sway Bar
UMI 35mm Front Sway Bar
KYB-GTX Adjustable Shocks
K.I.T.T Lights

-Sub Frame Connector
-Lower Control Arms
-Panhard Rod

-160 Degree Thremo
-Lid w/ K&N Filter

Hankook Ventus V4 275/40/R17
American Racing TT M (SE)

Kenwood 1000w System w/Sub