Congratulations to Furious1 for the September COTM win!

First off, thanks to everyone that voted (for me and for the other cars) is users like you that make the LS community one of the tops in the car world. Car culture has been a part of my life since I was young. Much of my family were/are gearheads, so I attribute my interest now in that early influence. My first car was a 1969 Camaro that my dad, uncle and I restored, it was quite the first car for a 16 year old! Even though I had what many consider to be the preeminent Camaro, I still had a huge interest in the 4th gens (both Camaro's & Firebird's) especially the '98-02 model years. I can still remember going to the local Chevy dealer in my Hugger Orange and White '69 and test driving a Hugger Orange '99 SS. The salesman was slightly reluctant to hand over the keys to a 19 year old, but I think my car gave me certain "credentials". Not long after that, I had started to lose interest in the '69(I know, I know) and wanted to sell it to get a 4th gen. I had my eyes on a black '96 Firebird, and it wasn't long before I had sold the '69 to a family friend. I had it for just a short while before I traded up to a new red '98 Firebird. Finally a few years ago, I came across this white '01 Trans Am WS6 which was a one owner car from my hometown, I knew the owners(a middle-aged couple) and knew that the car was properly cared for. I bought it with 42K miles in 2011, so needless to say, I was excited to find such a well cared for and low mile example. I drove it with the stock setup for awhile, then started to do small modifications, both performance and appearance wise. I was definitely inspired by the original '69 Trans Am color scheme. Next year I have big plans for a major performance overall(H/C/I or turbo)...but here is how it sits today! Enjoy!

2001 Trans Am WS6 A4

Performance Mods:
SLP lid
Custom smooth bellows
Magnaflow quad tip CB
Frost tune
Founders Performance adjustible PHB and strut tower brace
Bilstein HD shocks
BMR springs
Continental tires (325's in the rear)

Appearance Mods:
Navy metallic blue Blackbird Stripes
Side molding and lettering delete
EmblemPros custom retro bird emblems on sail panel
EmblemPros custom WS6 badge
White filler panel Trans Am/bird logo decal
Clear side marker lights
CCW 505A's -19x10 fronts, 20x11 rears

Pics! (just taken as of 8/17, thanks to my friend John Telhorst for the great work!)