Congratulations to sjgreen6 on the April 2014 COTM win!

Thanks for the votes! I'm Steve and my car is a 2002 WS6 TA with automatic. It is Navy Blue metallic with Taupe interior and top. It is the fulfillment of a promise I made to myself back in 2001 when I couldn't order one new. I bought the car in the fall of 2010 bone stock with just under 7,000 miles. Right now it is just over 10,000 miles. To get this car I had to part with a 1971 Pontiac LeMans (triple black with factory 455) that I owned since 1988. Much tougher to part with than I expected. You get a surprising amount of emotion invested in a car you own for 23 years.

I've added BMR sub frame connectors and strut brace. SLP Y pipe and LM2 exhaust. Corvette N73 Magnesium wheels (17x9 and 18x9.5) in the factory bronze color with Nitto 555s (P245/45-17 and P275/35-18). Gold Blackbird stripes and highlights from Fourth Circle Designs bring the color scheme to life. The mail order tune by Frost made the biggest single difference in performance. The most recent addition is a Blackwing lid. This summer I plan to add a 3400 stall and cooler.

I've avoided going further with the engine because I'm active Army and subject to ending up anywhere. Since every state (and country) has different emissions inspection requirements I'll just have to hold off on the LTs until I finally settle down for good. Meanwhile I'm keeping every bit that has been removed and have become a hoarder of NOS parts and trim as I intend to keep the car for a very long time.

Between a deployment 2011-12 and Washington DC traffic, the mileage will remain low for the near future. I plan to celebrate the win with a full detailing this weekend. She deserves it!