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Twin Turbo on ebay???

This is a discussion on Twin Turbo on ebay??? within the Forced Induction forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Just ran into this and thought I would share....

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    Twin Turbo on ebay???

    Just ran into this and thought I would share.

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    wonder if that would fit in an fbody without takin out AC

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    I have the incon setup on my car. I bought a used kit when I bought mine and my kit had alot more parts than that one does. Just to tell you what you would need to get that kit running on your car, and so I can hopefully help someone avoid all the problems I ran into piecing mine together.
    -Manifolds would have to be finished and I'm not sure they would work as the tolerances are extremly tight on the kit. My incon manifold almost touch the block on both sides (less than .5 inches clearance to some things in some places, and they are the ACTUAL manifolds, not fabricated ones.)
    -All oil and coolant lines, plus the block for the oil feed above the oil filter
    - Scavenge pump with 3 lines... 1 from each turbo, and 1 to the oil pan.
    - the block fitting that goes into the driver side of the block where it draws coolant for the turbos. Mine didn't have it so I had to make one.
    - The fitting that goes into the AC lines on the passenger side where the coolant returns from the turbos.
    - Another turbo, obviously, but also, the fittings that come off the back side of the turbos so it will hook into the y-pipe. On the incon kit they were iron and well made with some flat spots in them.
    - a shroud to go over the top of the radiator to hold the radiator closer to the engine so the butt pipe will fit down there.
    - The fuel pressure regulator for the kit is missing.
    - The step up that goes from the TB to the MAF is missing and would require fabrication since the TB is lower than the front of the car where the incon butt pipe is.
    All that's just off the top of my head. The guy selling the kit tried to sell it on LS1TECH but he only has 1 post and him trying to sell it was his 1 post. He also has no feedback on ebay. I asked the guy what he wanted for the 1 turbo, and he kept throwing out his stupid $1,600.00 number that he paid for it new. I'm guessing the reserve is $2,000.00 because of that, but don't quote me on that. It seems like a guy trying to offload all his problems onto someone. It is not a complete kit and would require way more work than you think to gtet it up and running and even then, there's nothing to say that the manifolds he has made will work because of the tight tolerances. I love my car with the twins on it, but I don't think this kit is workable. my 2 cents.

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    0 feedback be careful

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