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Supercharger or Turbo? What do you have/like

This is a discussion on Supercharger or Turbo? What do you have/like within the Forced Induction forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; What I am looking for horsepower wise is about 500 to the rear. I know there are probably a ton ...

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    Supercharger or Turbo? What do you have/like

    What I am looking for horsepower wise is about 500 to the rear. I know there are probably a ton of threads on these but I have been tossing both back and forth and trying to figure out which way I want to go. I want to hear anybody with feedback good or bad on any power adder. I thought I wanted to go with the procharger but I am not sure I want to hear it whistle on idle, I love the sound of a turbo but not sure I want to go with an STS rear mount, Vortech isnt really up my alley because it consumes the ENTIRE engine bay, I love the whine of a roots style but know that magnacharger is the onlyone made for our cars and have heard that its alot of chop and hack to make it fit. Powerdyne makes a kit but I have only known one guy to use it but he liked it so what setup do you like or have and why If you have soundclips or vids post em up

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    your best bet is to decide between a d1sc procharger and upgrade to a front mount ic, or go with a aps twin kit. Its up to you to figure out what you want. The way I look at it now...if your an A4 go turbo. If your M6, go with a d1sc. Your gonna have to replace a lot of stuff ethier way to support the power. 500 rwhp sounds like a good number and is real fun on the street at first...but you'll eventually want more. These threads almost always turn out bad.

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    turbo is more efficent at making power. You will make more power per # of boost compared to supercharging. I have done both, trust me.

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    Personal Opinion/Experience...............Turbo any day of the week.
    Though I must add, if you're only looking for 420 -500 horses and it's a daily driver. I'd go NA. Less headache, easier to maintain and alot easier on the wallet!

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    Twin screw, preferrably. Unlike turbos, no tapping the oil pan or running oil lines, no lag, no modifying the exhaust, just instant horsepower and torque when you want it. Plus you don't get boost spikes, you don't need turbo timers, and you gain low end instead of losing it.

    Turbos will make more power at the limit, but superchargers are a much more practical approach for a street driven vehicle.

    One guy on here is making a claimed 1250WHP with a 3.3 Kenne Bell on an LSX, and its completely driveable. What more could you ask for.

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    turbo all the way

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    Magna charger isn't a lot of hacking up and the kit comes with EVERYTHING.... If you just want a lil over 500rwhp it's what I'd do, especially if you are an M6.

    ...not to say that I don't LOVE my front-mount turbo

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    turbo,aps to name one
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    2006 GSXR1000 with to much done to it then i'm willing to write about.

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