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Supercharger ideal

This is a discussion on Supercharger ideal within the Forced Induction forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I was thinking about it and was wondering what would happen if you put a supercharger on the intake and ...

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    Supercharger ideal

    I was thinking about it and was wondering what would happen if you put a supercharger on the intake and then put one that would pull the exhaust out at faster than the engine could push it out. I think this would make a powerfull set up. What do you guzs think and can/has this be done?

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    I think the power required from the engine to power the supercharger on the exhaust would be more than it would help and make for an overall net loss. I never heard of this done. The closest thing that might work is something like a procharger and then it goes through the exhaust side of a turbocharger before it gets to the engine and then use the other side to suck the exhaust out.

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    Procharger or any other supercharger were not designed to handle these kind of extreme temps. Unless you intercool the air 1st before it hits the supercharger.. I cannot think of any way this would work.. Plus headers at WOT are really putting out some air, I would think putting a restrictive blower to suck the air out would be more of a hinderence..

    sorry for the spelling..

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