Here is the thing.

I have a 6.0 L LS, with a fairly big hydraulic cam, forged pistons, boostline rods, and an F1X procharger in a slingshot dragster with a powerglide.

It has an LS smart spark control system for the 24Xcrank trigger, cam sensor at the back (gen 3?) and stock 585 coils. NGK plugs (cold) gapped at 0.025"

Constant flow (mechanical) methanol fuel injection. Waterman 700 pump.

I am happy to provide greater detail about any of this if requested.

Here is the problem

When we let off the trans brake it goes pretty good for less than 1 second, then shuts off, then does it again...and again, until the driver lifts or we break something.
We are currently leaving at 3500 RPM which happens to be about 4 psi boost. We have seen boost as high as 20 (after holeshot), but usually run into trouble at 5800rpm and 12 - 15 psi boost.
We have been all over the place with both fuel and timing. And I am down to the Ignition system >>>(crank and cam sensor, coils and controller with their associated wiring)<<
which all works perfectly in the driveway, the pits, and during the burnout---just not the track

Car works perfectly with a 509 BBC and an MSD 7AL (N/A- no boost) same basic fuel system

Any ideas?
Hit me...I can take it ....maybe