Hello, Iíve searched all morning. Just trying to finalize this build.

I found a CTSV blower, it comes with the lid intercooler, injectors, rails, pulley kit.

Iíve looked all morning for the ďwhat elseĒ I will need to make this work;

Including accessories
Coolant pumps
Coolant tanks
Bolts, gaskets.
If there is anything else. I saw one post of a guy doing it to a Denali.. and the thread never finished. Like most of them. So Iím trying to figure it out so I can source everything.

OR if any of you know a place to call I can bother and ask questions too. Knowledgeable.

Thank you so much.
From Sudbury Ontario Canada
Btw, the blower complete is $4000.00 obo CAD.

And yes Iíll change to a solid isolator.

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