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Choosing a turbocharger

This is a discussion on Choosing a turbocharger within the Forced Induction forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hi there Guys I need your help in choosing a turbocharger, my car has a standard vortex engine ( 6.0L ...

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    Choosing a turbocharger

    Hi there
    Guys I need your help in choosing a turbocharger, my car has a standard vortex engine ( 6.0L ) fuel injected with a corvette transmission ( 6 speed ). I want to ad a twin turbocharger to it! 5 PSI for each one ( that is 10 PSI total ), I am going to intercool it.
    What turbocharger is best for me? Can I use a turbo from a diesel engine?

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    It would help if you told us what vehicle you drive....and if its a GTO or C6, I dont recall their engines being vortex?

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    I'd go with a SC with IC myself

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    The engine is 350 vortex 6.0L for a GMC Yukon, the transmission is 6 speed manual from a corvette , it will be put on a 89 mustang.

    Tomf301/ what is SC and IC?

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    SC and IC = supercharger with intercooler.Not that many people will use these abbreviations without explanation.
    Just curious as to why you would put this in an 89 Rustang? I mean yea-the 5 slow needs to go-but why a Mustang.
    Your problem will be fitting all that plumbing under the hood of virtually any car. It can be and has been done-don't get me wrong.
    Yes a turbo off a diesel will work-if it's the right size. But you'd be better off going with a custom turbo to get the right size. You need the help of a performance turbo guru to get this to work right and get hooked up with the right parts. Fuel injected or ?
    What year Corvette did the transmission come from?

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