Hi Guys, It's taken a good deal of time to complete the bill of materials for the APS C5 intercooled twin turbo system and to cost the complete twin turbo system as the C5 system is so labor intensive to produce. There's a massive amount of fabrication labor in the stainless ducting, twin intercoolers, twin 3'' stainless steel exhaust system, waste gate pipes, etc, etc, so my sincere apologies for the small delay in releasing the MSRP for the C5 twin turbo system.

The exciting news is that the MSRP for the APS C5 intercooled twin turbo system will be set at $7995 (that's much less than what I was expecting), that's for the complete intercooled twin turbo system (just add your own fuel system), which includes every nut, bolt and washer required for the twin turbo install.

If all goes to plan and it should I expect to start shipping C5 intercooled twin turbo systems to US APS dealers around mid December so with a little luck there may be a small number of APS twin turbo C5 Corvettes running by late December.

There will be comprehensive install instructions provided with the APS C5 twin turbo system (similiar to the APS C6 install instructions) for those who are mechanically inclined though I highly recommend that that you leave the install to an experienced turbo tech/shop unless you have loads of twin turbo experience under your belt.

Pics and info on the C5 intercooled twin turbo system at the link below and if you have any questions pertaining to the APS C5 twin turbo, just let me know and I will do my best to get the info for you guys.