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550 rwhp?

This is a discussion on 550 rwhp? within the Forced Induction forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Originally Posted by BLKHAWK well i ended up getting the kit from a dealer in utah. Im gonna plan to ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLKHAWK View Post
    well i ended up getting the kit from a dealer in utah. Im gonna plan to run 12psi atleast, and im gonna have to forge the pistons and make the bottem end to hold out. A friend of mine races, and says that auto is the way to go. Says you go manual...and you'll burn out your tranny even rebuilt with clutches having to be replaced more often. Also going to run it with meth injection. Well see how that goes....
    What about a FMIC? You will need it at that level.
    What fuel system do you have planned?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GA Country Boy View Post
    To put down 550rwhp means your engine is putting out close to 700hp, about double what the manufacturer intended. So when you start thinking about doing that don't think anything in that neighborhood is going to be 'safe' least not for very long especially if you're relying on a stock block. 'Safe' is keeping it 'stock' and taking care of it the way GM says.
    I agree, I would get a new block, 402 or 408 forged ls2 stroker, then you can boost it up no problem. stock LSx motor don't go obove 6-7psi or you'll fuk it up really fast. invest a good 4.5k on a 402 stroker, then good heads, cam, and intake, that alone shoud be close to 480rwhp, then put the turbo on watch it go 600rwhp at mid level boost.
    but do have the rear end 12 bolt and tranny built up for that

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    yea im gonna end up going with the fmic, as for the fuel system not sure yet. It's gonna be a while before i can have the time to do all of this. Still havent gotten kit yet...gonna be a 1 month and half before the car will be up and running. Not in a rush though, want to take my time and then put everything on at once. Coming out to be pricey!!!

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    I'm going Turbo end of the month, if all goes according to plan.
    What rear end do you guys recommend from Moser?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wheeler99WS6 View Post
    I was under the understanding the kit is normally at 5psi and most generally pull around 440rwhp, so with heads and cam I wouldnt think you would have to pull much more psi unless you wanted more than 550rwhp. good heads, cam, upgraded fuel, upgraded turbo, pushing around 6-7psi I would think would be more than enough for 550rwhp.
    the turbo in the sts setup can push up to 12psi I think. I was looking into it for a while. it's a very efficient setup. sts, 42# injectors, heads, cam, tune and you should be at 550

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    Well, just my two cents but I wouldn't buy an STS kit if my life depended on it! I wont install another one! They have issues with them. Mainly the oil return and it not being pumped out well enough. It ends up getting into the intake tract of the turbo and it's just a mess! I've seen this first hand. We sat the car on the dyno and it was fine but once you got it out on the road it just couldn't "push" the oil to the front of the car while fighting the g-forces and all. Novel idea, but needs some work for sure. You'll end up spending more money trying to get the thing right than if you just put the turbo up front where it belongs.

    Just hate seeing people led down the STS path until STS improved their system. Take this for what it's worth but I'd look at a different setup.

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