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Mallett, Hennessey or??

This is a discussion on Mallett, Hennessey or?? within the Cadillac CTS-V forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Ok I am in my 40's and like most when I saw articles about these cars I couldn't afford them. ...

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    Mallett, Hennessey or??

    Ok I am in my 40's and like most when I saw articles about these cars I couldn't afford them. Now at a time in my life that I fortunately can. I hate buying new cars and love buying the cars I dreamed of. I have bought just about every car on my bucket list and now want a Tuner GM car.

    I am no stranger to high performance cars and have had everything from 10sec street cars to Dinan stroker M5 as daily transport. I love rare fast cars.

    Ok question is what is the deal with these Mallett CTSV's? Are they as fast and nimble as described? I always see one in SD Craigslist but it has LS2 which seams wrong for 2005?

    Anybody have real life experience with a Callaway, Mallet or Hennessy family hauler? No Corvettes I have had plenty. Ctsv's. Suburbans. Impala SS?

    Real life experiences with any??? How do they hold up against todays HP 4drs or SUV'S??? I have had a lot of high end German cars but want there tightness with US torque.

    Thanks and hope you get question?

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    I don't have experience with those particular cars, but I do believe that 2005 was the first production year for the LS2. Prior to that, the Corvette Z06 (and presumably by extension, the CTS-V) was equipped with the LS6/T-56. If memory serves, the LS7 (6th Gen Z06) didn't come out till after the LS3 came out in 2008-ish (?).
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    If it's a LS2 then it's a '06 or '07 CTS-V
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    add an 06 GTO to your list.....sounds like it would fit you pretty well. Interior is spot on and plenty of power out of the LS2 with the option to always add more.
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    How about a Trailblazer SS? LS2 and solid platform to build on. There are some mean ones out there.
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