Harris Speed Works is happy to introduce a ground breaking product to the nitrous oxide community! Gone are the days of “hot-spots”, “cold-spots”, and dead space in the bottle heating process. The HSW Revolution provides even heating across the entire circumference of the bottle. Comprised of a patented heating fabric, Nomex insulation and Aramid fiber the HSW Revolution is 20% quicker than any 300 Watt heater currently on the market (the Revolution is 280 Watts). The HSW Revolution will also retain heat for longer periods of time with the added benefits of the Nomex insulation. This means less battery drainage and a heating element that is warm to the touch (not hot). The single overlapping Velcro allows quick installation and removal of the heating element and full surface heating! So say goodbye to the heating systems of old and welcome to the Revolution.

Each kit contains the following items:

Revolution Bottle Heating Element
Fully Adjustable Pressure Switch
4AN or 6AN Swivel Adapter
Illuminated Toggle Switch
Relay with Harness
In-Line Fuse
WeatherPack Electrical Connections
Weather Tight Electrical Connections
Full Color Installation Manual
And enough wire to finish your project!

($99.99 for the Revolution Bottle Heater Element by itself)

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