Strut bar / Tower Brace For sale

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I have a spohn performance strut bar/tower brace for sale. Unfortunately my 2000 trans am was recently totaled because someone tried to make a right turn from the left lane right in front of me to try and make an unramp for a highway.

Anyway the bar does put a nice look under the hood. I thought I had a picture of it on the car but I can't find it on my computer now. There is no hardware nuts, bolts or anything required. All you have to do is remove two nuts from each side under the hood on the struts put the bar on and put the nuts back on.

I found a picture of a red one on google images thats the same thing except mine is black and the sticker is in the middle.

$100 - PM me if your interested. blogs/vinnie311/attachments/24559-strut-bar-tower-brace-sale-photo_1.jpgblogs/vinnie311/attachments/24560-strut-bar-tower-brace-sale-23505470033_large.jpg

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