EL President Trump(The Goat/The Boss)

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The feds should let the States handle there wetback invasions.

Texas has a eager/willing Militia to handle any # of WB sneaking over the wall.
Wouldn’t cost a dime let the Militia have there fun.

Post a small sign on there property trespassers will be shot, ½ the population of all
Bordering States will be scambling to get in line on the new State law no trespassing period.

The tunnels under the border should have been left alone whenever a WB crawls though
Can drink toilet water in a un air conditioned tent city.

The idea of another wall w/in TX is referred to as secondary Wall you know the kind
where the WB gets stuck ½ way.

They’ll give up after dealing w/ the states.

I predict when certain grown drugs are legalized in the US, Mexico will turn back into
a tourist place but still bring your own food/water.

Edit: when I buy produce it never has the product of Mex. There fruit pickers don’t wash there hands.people die from shitie mex lettuce.

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  1. mahhddgtp's Avatar
    This is the stupidest fucking thing I've ever read.

    Anyone who doesn't understand the correct usage of their, they're, and there isn't intelligent enough to actually have a valid opinion. God damn, I can hear your shitkicker southern accent muffled by a fat lip of skoal in my head now. The only swamp I wish Trump tried to drain was the the low IQ gene pool you're floating in.

    I haven't logged into this site in over 15 years since the exodus to "the other site," and of course this is the first thing I read on here. Lul.