Blown engine, swap/rebuild questions

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OK. I have a 2002 Ws6, do not know what happened but my engine started knocking and then seized. I took it to a shop and it is done. So my options they told me are to either get a used Ls1 engine for around $2,200 and and put it in or they said they can get me a brand new rebuilt Ls6 engine for $3,200. They also said a rebuilt Ls1 is around the same price. They are saying $1,750 for the labor. I plan on keeping the car so selling it is out of the question.

Here are my questions:

1. Does $2,200 sound right for a used Ls1?
2. Does $3,200 sound right for a rebuilt Ls6?
3. If I do swap a Ls6 do I need a tune or anything else?
4. What would you do?

In limbo guys....

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  1. NJ2002WS.6's Avatar
  2. speedfreak1's Avatar
    A Ls6 is just a updated Ls1 block other than that is the same as your Ls1. It is a direct replacement for your Ls1 and about the right price for it. You could always go for a larger motor like a Lq4 or Lq9 they are cast iron blocks about 90lbs more weight and you could get a short block and the rest of your stuff from your old motor will work they are 364 cubic inch or can be stroked to 402-408 good luck.
  3. ZMon's Avatar
    Im with the lq4 or lq9 option they make alot more torque and horsepower and they are alot cheaper to get. Do some ported and polished 243s or 799s with a mild came and youll have a beast for sure. If moneys no object though run with the new 6.2.
  4. Tyerial's Avatar
    I a LQ4 from a guy where i live cause it was overheated got it for $100 already pulled got some 243 heads from a 05 vette $200. I rebuilt them and had machine work done $440 and then got a ls6 intake $300 and a 90 mm throttle body so I'm into it $1040 and fixed a lot of little things but around $1500 I did all the work except machining