3.73s or 4.10s

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02 ws6, DD, Hyperpack, Flowmaster A4, stock engine. Had 3.73s on my 96 Z, loved them but I see a lot of LS1s running 4.10s. Will the 4.10s kill my rear end? Im not too concerned about fuel mileage. Thanks

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    I still have the dead z28, It's at the junkyard. The mechanic told me that he could do a swap for $350.00. How much trouble is it put an LT1 axle on an LS1?
  2. Smittro's Avatar
    Factory 10-bolt is'nt worth modding.. A v6 can kill a 10-bolt. The rear from an LT car will bolt up but nothing about the brake system will work with your LS1 car. Lt1 cars have smaller rear rotors, different parking brake and ABS systems.
  3. herculesrider1's Avatar
    I took the stock gears out of my rearend, I think 3.23's, and put 3.73's in. It rapped quicker and seemed to get to speed faster. My latest '00 TransAm has 4.10's behind the LS1, and it is incredible. Know how you have an internal timeclock as to when to shift? It takes a certain amount of time after shifting from 1st into 2nd before it reaches the redline or rev limiter. Several times after purchasing the '00 while shifting, I was not use to the quickness of the engine reaching the redline, and several times the rev limiter. But due to the nature of a 4.10 rear gear, it rapped out much quicker. I would have nothing else but 4.10's. Your shift points are closer together and you go through the gears faster, which is the goal, right? Having said all that, with the true 6 speed overdrive, I still get 27.6 miles per gallon on the highway and that is with 164K miles on the engine. I have not one negative thing to say about my 4.10's. I would strongly recommend the swap!!! Addressing the concern about killing your rearend, when I had my '98 with the factory 3.23's, I went through 3 rearends that were replaced under warranty. I now have 4.10's in a Midwest Chassis 9" and it's still whining. I don't think it's the gears that kill a rearend, but how it's set up that makes the difference.
  4. 35th-ANV-SS's Avatar
    Being he is an A4, he won't need to worry about shifting....

    Personally, I feel a 4.10 is too low of a gear for an automatic. M6 guys can get away with it because they have a better geared transmission and 2 over-drives.
  5. jonnyman's Avatar
    I have 3.73's in a moser 12 bolt runs fine, but if you plan on racing 1/4 mile and not do too much highway driving, go with the 4.10's
  6. ZMon's Avatar
    4.10s the way to go with a a4 you can even do freeway pulls still but if you plan on using these on a track with a 7.5 straight motor youll live alot longer have a good 60ft and trap great mph depending on horsepower