Which Heads are better

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I'm in the market to buy heads and cam, and am going to get the work done. The heads that have been suggested AFR LSX heads, custom grind cam they said they wont give me the specs until I have made the purchase. Hmmm. Seems fishy to me, is this common practice and how do the AFR heads compare to the Trick Flow Heads I see online?

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  1. mikegun1's Avatar
    Is there anyone still on this site? I have ordered the heads, 3 to 6 weeks. With the head change, I'm going with the Fast LSX Intake 90, new injectors and push rods. With everything still stock now, there is lifter knock,does that mean I need to change the lifters as well, or could this just be a worn timing chain? At this point money is getting to be an issue, so any help here would be greatly appreciated.
  2. hall'sz28's Avatar
    If it was me I would go ahead an put new lifters and push rods in, I know how it is to be on a budget trust me lol I know. But ur already going to have the engine torn down anyway right? Might aswell do it while its down already then have to tear it down again to replacem later. But that's me.