manual transmission fluid change??

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I was wondering when to change my manual transmission fluid and what to use. I have a 2001 camaro ss with 45,000 miles on it and shifting into third is a bit tough at higher RPM's. I was told to change out my fluid and replace it with royal purple. Anyone agree with this?
I've read some other threads about people saying royal purple made their shifting feel like butter, and then i've read threads where ppl say its garbage.
Any thoughts?

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  1. 35th-ANV-SS's Avatar
    Shifting issues are most likely related to your clutch fluid, not your transmission fluid. The hydraulic systems in these cars are less than ideal. If you've never changed the hydraulic fluid I'd start there. Yours is probably dirty. The reservoir is under the hood on the drivers side. Can't miss it. It should be full and a honey color. If yours is low, most likely you could have either a bad slave cylinder or master cylinder.
  2. JDCAMARO99's Avatar
    I've already changed the master cylinder and fluid. It did seem to get a little better after i did that. 3rd gear, however, is a little sticky. My fluid is once again dirty. It's been 2 years since the change. It is full though. You think it could be the slave? Thanks for the response.
  3. 35th-ANV-SS's Avatar
    Really sounds like a hydraulic issue to me if it's only at WOT shifts. What MC did you install? The only thing that cures this is upgrading to the Tick Master Cylinder. You can also try the drill mod to see if that helps. The problem lies from too small of an orifice in the MC line which doesn't allow enough fluid to be pushed through at higher RPM to fully disengage the clutch. This is a very common issue with these vehicles.
  4. JDCAMARO99's Avatar
    I can't remember the brand. It's wierd man, i was out over the weekend racing my buddies 66 vette and i had no issues what so ever shifting into third. It comes and goes. ..I dunno.
    You seem to know your shit. Do you know anything about cams? i was thinking about getting one, but i have no idea what to get. I know there are so many variations to those things.
  5. 35th-ANV-SS's Avatar
    Post on the forum in the internal engine section. There are tons to choose from. Read the cam sticky to get started
  6. rudeboyrichard's Avatar
    hey bro I have a 06 gto and i am having the same issue with shiftin into 3rd @ hi RPM, tried royal purple, bled clutch line with very little results. Was told the problem is in the tranny. good luck man
  7. 2000blackbird's Avatar
    It probably the third gear synchro. My 99 Z28 had the same problem and they found two other synchro's worn. I ended up getting a new transmission under warranty.
  8. GEARHEADNATE's Avatar
    I had the same problem a few years ago and they said the syncro was shot and the 3-4 shift fork was bent. They said they changed the shift fork and upgraded all the syncro's to one's for a Z06 under the extended warranty
  9. BigTeddy254's Avatar
    its your synchros. 3rds always 1st to mess up on a t56. they are expensive as hell to get replaced unless u have some one like me that will do it without involving rape. and if u had bent forks god dayumm dude your like GET IN THERE DAMNIT AAHHH (grrrr grrr) i changed mine also and with the extra money i paid for a high end throw out bearing and my super clutch and i could shift somethin nasty. and man aluminum flywheels make a big diff too man or just a lightweight 1, i could be goin 60 and just drop that sucker and go sideways lol. ohh what u paid 80k for ur porsche and u cant even break em loose at 60 pfft weak sauce.