1. Fx clutch?

    Just curious if any of you heard anything Good about FX Racing clutches?! I see deals on these and Luk kits on ebay. I am replacing my slave and was most likely going to replace the stock clutch while the mechanic is in there. I only have 40k on my 01 ss. So not sure I will even need one. I keep being told to change it out while the have the tranny dropped. I dont want to spend too much $$ however. I have all bolt ons and 3.90's. Any thoughts on FX racing kits? Thanks
  2. manual transmission fluid change??

    I was wondering when to change my manual transmission fluid and what to use. I have a 2001 camaro ss with 45,000 miles on it and shifting into third is a bit tough at higher RPM's. I was told to change out my fluid and replace it with royal purple. Anyone agree with this?
    I've read some other threads about people saying royal purple made their shifting feel like butter, and then i've read threads where ppl say its garbage.
    Any thoughts?