V6 to LS1 swap Help

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I have a question i'm doing a 3800 v6 to a LS1 swap. I know I Know (it's cheeper to just buy a z28 or SS) but me and my wife are to attacked to the car it has to much sentimental value to us. This is my first camaro. Its the car me and my wife took on our first date. And shes pretty much told me that if i sell it i'll be sleeping on the couch for the rest of my life . So doing a engine Swap is my only option. Now my best friend is a auto body mechanic and the smartest guy i know when it comes to cars. But less face it nobody knows everything and i've found having all the info i can saves me on trips to the drug store for asprin because i'm scratching my head trying to figure out what to do next. So if any of yall can help me i need to figure out what parts ill need, what parts will change over, and any little tricks you may know that will help me make this as painless as possible. i thank you for your input .. and so will my couch lol.

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