Why joke yourself

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First of all you have a 6 banger Camaro which is "convertible" & (RED) . I have 2002 Z28 LS1 that has power to play with So if you want me to work on you serpentine belts route installed right atleasr have the tools needed!™

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  1. JacobLS1's Avatar
    Umm, what?
  2. flybird's Avatar
  3. cpop98ws6's Avatar
  4. FinZ28's Avatar
    I think he's mad because he went to help somebody work on their car and they didn't have the tools necessary to do the job.

    And it might be a V6, but it's still a Camaro.
  5. IZNUTHN's Avatar
    Your correct
  6. JacobLS1's Avatar
    So why are you bragging about having a v8? Because he doesn't have tools for his v6?
  7. Jack the Reefer's Avatar
    I made a comment to someone that owning a Z/28, muscle or sports that you would have to be retarded to get an automatic. She owns a v6 camaro, and she said are you calling me a retard? Later when I was walking the dog I realized that everyone has their own dream. When you buy a Z/28 or Camaro you are buying a dream, normal people by a Toyota Camry or Honda.

    At least they have a Camaro and she may never have had the experience. I grew up when those cars were new, 35 years later I drive a 2000 Z/28 6spd convertible, have owned it for almost 12 years and I like it just as much as when I bought it. I also have a 69 Z/28.
  8. JacobLS1's Avatar
    I have an automatic..my stalled automatic will beat your manual on the strip buddy..what's retarded is judging people by what they own, and choose to have.
  9. JacobLS1's Avatar
    Sorry, didn't read that thoroughly..first part was past tense.