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I am in the process of rebuilding my 98 trans am due to crank walking I was thinking about doing a cam among other things money provided. But have been told if I change the cam at all I will have to reprogram the computer. Anyone with any experience on this. Also thinking about headers and a new intake manifold. And one have other suggestions for hp gain with out breaking the bank.

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  1. jb3golf's Avatar
    What do you mean by crank walk? Did you figure out why its walking? If you don't there is no need to install any parts until you fix the issue...otherwise it will never run correctly. ...
  2. Agarcia67's Avatar
    Isn't that like curing a torn muscle with a high dose of steelroids?
  3. arqtec59's Avatar
    I'm a new member, but have owned my 2002 Camaro Z-28 since it was new, 37000 miles currently.
    I have decided to improve it performance, this is my decision path: Cold air induction by SLP, repositioning the air dam underneath the car to forward angle, adding additional sheet metal to induction duct work to increase area of initial intake, 160 Degree stat, 85mm MAF sensor bySLP, MagnaFlow dual cat exhaust, 3" cutout exhaust valve positioned after Y pipe electrically switched, 224/224,581/581,LSA-114 cam from TSP ( biggest cam and still pass SMOG ), also new CPM and tuned by TSP, Dual beehive spring and pushrod package, new high performance harmonic balancer, 3400 stall converter by RexMax, 373 gears Ring and Pinion, transmission shift kit by B&M, oil cooler,
    New nose grille w/venting holes to placement of oil cooler & ducted to brakes, new brake sloted & drilled by PrimeChoice, improved Sway bars front and rear, rear aftermarket superspoiler @ rear deck lid, iridium spark plugs.
    All improvements Cost aproximately $5000.00 including mechanic labor for Cam install and oil cooler, stall converter, and rear end gear change Hoping for 450-460 hp, power coming on at 2000-6500 rpm, shift points at WOT 6500rpm.
    I originally had a Diablo/Predator reprogramer before cam & spring+pushrod package, but was not recommended after cam package install, Texas Speed & Performance did custom tune for $200.00.
    PS, If anyone is interested in the Diablo/Predator Tuning , For Camaro/Corvettes, mines FOR SALE .
    PPS,The cam might have created a "Brake Walk" @ idle stop, but I was advised that a 3400 stall converter would fix that, along with the tune and 373 gears.
    Hope this helps, and if anyone has suggestions I'd appreciate it Large. Thanks