Thinking of tying the knot!

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Ok here's the deal, my fiance planned our wedding for april, but if we get legally married before the year is over then I can claim her on my taxes for the whole year, is it that big of a savings, tax wise?

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  1. FinZ28's Avatar
    I'd ask a tax attorney and see what they say. May or may not be worth your while.

    Congrats by the way
  2. hall'sz28's Avatar
  3. 98TransAmWs-6's Avatar
    I know the year I claimed my wife on my tax return I got a bunch more money back than the year before. I can't remember the exact figures but you might want to as a tax attorney for specifics.
  4. Too Fast's Avatar
    Yes you will get more money. But, are you only in it for that lol? I love my married life (I mean wife! Kids too! Don't forget about those tax deductions!).
  5. hall'sz28's Avatar
    Oh no, I love my olady to death, just figured since we was going to have the wedding in april anyway why not go ahead an do it now without anyone knowing about it that way I can claim her for the whole year. An because she doesn't have very good insurance, she pays alot more per week then what I do an its not all that good of coverage,
  6. Too Fast's Avatar
    But has she agreed to the December wedding? Some people do as you and then have the party/reception in April. Kind of do a walk thru wedding then again. To me and my wife, it doesn't really matter who did the wedding, as we were making a commitment to ourselves and nobody/nothing else. Women love the romance thing, if you haven't already found out lol!