Got a kill story for y'all!

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Was on my way home mon night on I64 an just happened to be in the 00 vette looked in my rear view mirror an saw a pair of headlights coming up on me pretty darn fast! At that point I didn't think much of it cuz I was minding my own business but dont really know what this fool was thinking but he got so close on my a** that I couldn't even see his lights but I could tell by the shape,,,,it was a stang lol. Anyway we was on a four lane interstate for crying out loud he could have went around right?? No instead he decides to ride my ass so I shot over a lane down shifted to 4th, welp here he come wanting to race lol, the stang appeared to be 99in trough 04, anyway he kept revving that poor thing as loud as he could Idk if he had mods or not but my vette is pretty much stock so he honked three times an I shot out ahead almost immediately an kept pulling away by the time I hit 6th he was way back lol! Then he came flying past me an gave me the typical stang drivers defeated wave lol, he gave me the bird! Whats up we some of theses stang guys anyway?????

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  1. c4vinny's Avatar
    Yup some of the stang guys are just as bad as the ricers
  2. hall'sz28's Avatar
    Think its because they can smoke the tires lol?
  3. c4vinny's Avatar
    Yeah for real. Who knew rear wheel drive was so great! ! Lol . But at least the f stang guys are American ill give em that
  4. hall'sz28's Avatar
    Yea that's the good part, c4vinny,,,I take it you got a c4 vette? What year? Iv got an 87 under construction right now.
  5. c4vinny's Avatar
    I had an 85 and wrecked it but I got a 90 right now on the c5 chrome rims. What are you doing to the 87
  6. hall'sz28's Avatar
    Im just restoring it, new carpet, door panels, been thinking about vortec heads with a Scoggin Dickey base plate an a good cam. But we'll see.