10spokeSS Ride

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Yes I know this thread was inspired by all the other build threads but I figured why not I will join in cause I just changed some things

Ill introduce my thread with saying that I got this car when I was 17 because I wreaked my Cobalt SS. I was not at fault for the accident, and I really just wanted another Cobalt. But my dad gave me a killer deal which I payed my own money to him to buy the car off of him. Its been a great 3 years with my car and I can't wait to pass it on to my son when the time comes (when I have one)

At my college

new fogs

they look pretty good to me

I can't believe I never thought to polish the lights to make them look better

They were bad

After using mothers powerball polishing and restoring kit

After completed

I will be updating the page within the next day or two because I just installed solid motor mounts and then my sub frame connectors should be coming in the mail soon.

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  1. hall'sz28's Avatar
    Sweet ride, kinda wish my z28 was all black.