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  1. 2002 Camaro Driver Side Window Working Intermittently

    The driver side window recently started working intermittently. Sometimes it's fine, sometimes it goes part way up and I have to wait a while and it will eventually go up, sometimes a little at a time. I did replace the front speakers a few months back - don't think I loosened any other wires but it's possible. Everything else, including the radio, works fine. I tried replacing the switch because it was cheap and easy but it didn't help. Loose wire to the motor? Bad motor? Something else? ...
  2. Fx clutch?

    Just curious if any of you heard anything Good about FX Racing clutches?! I see deals on these and Luk kits on ebay. I am replacing my slave and was most likely going to replace the stock clutch while the mechanic is in there. I only have 40k on my 01 ss. So not sure I will even need one. I keep being told to change it out while the have the tranny dropped. I dont want to spend too much $$ however. I have all bolt ons and 3.90's. Any thoughts on FX racing kits? Thanks
  3. Trans Am WS6 Seat Lumbar pump and hose not work ?

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    I just tried lumbar/lateral air inflators on my used Trans Am WS6 30th Ann Ed. (white leather power seats). Pass side works like it was delivered from factory yesterday, but Driver side has no balloon movement at all. I can hear the motor whizzing for Driver side though. Is this likely a busted hosehose or a balloon when BOTH lumbar and lateral do not work? Is there one pump in driver seat, and it crosses over to Pass. side? (I only ask that based on what I saw on forum elsewhere?) p.s. Is
  4. How often would you change your fluid in a 4L60E???????

    Ive got a 01 Trans Am with 180k....Not having any problems just wanna prolong the life of the tranny....I looked at the fluid color and its a little discolored but not bad???? Also heard don't touch the fluid unless having problems?? but also heard about every 15-30k????
  5. New 2014 SS/1LE/2SS/RS

    2014 1LE
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