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  1. Well, they both could be related to the hesitation you are talking about. Is your IAT unplugged? It is the Intake Air Temperature sensor, it helps your PCM determine how much fuel, spark tables. It is located in your air intake, just behind the air filter. A two wire sensor. Generally the Cat Eff. code is from just that, the efficiency. It usually causes no problems besides the Check Engine light on, but if it is broken internally causing a restriction that could also cause your acceleration problem. I would look at the IAT code first for your problem.
  2. Hello TA Buddy,

    Seems like you know much about the Catalyst Convertors and Sensors. I read one of your replies to the P0430 code. If you will, please some of your diagnostic knowledge with me.

    I have that same problem with P0119 Generic
    IAT Sensor 1 Circuit
    High Input

    P430 Generic
    Catalyst Efficiency
    Below Threshold
    (Bank 2)

    I have a 2000 TA with 120,800 miles on it.... it's past the GM Cat Conv warranty. I'm trying to hang on use this vehicle until the new Camaros come out in a another year or so. At any rate, the Trans Am lags or choke not be able to fire after the vehicle is turned on recently.... could the Catalyst result in a back flow that chokes the ignition? Increase Acceleration does not help this choke at times..... after awhile, the choking will go away and the vehicle will accelerate properly.

    What do you believe could be choking the acceleration?

    Thanks for the assistance,
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