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  1. Right. I had to crimp part of the Y, but it really won't affect the flow. Small sacrifice to have it fit so high. If I were to lower Too Fast, the least of my worries would be exhaust ground clearance. I crimped it near drivers side floor brace.
  2. Nice i cant wait to get it done...the rattles were just shields and what it hitting the floor? so you just crushed the pipe a little in some areas? i'm sure the y was hitting the floor right
  3. I did it where I used to work, had a lift and all my tools. With my friend and I, we started about 8 and took a test drive about 1:30. Then fixed a couple rattles, but yeah, it all tucks up higher. No rattles at all anymore,car runs so much better. And better gas mileage (on the highway, I can't keep my foot out of it during city driving).
  4. No kidding higher up than the stock one? I would like to do it this weekend but these lowering springs killed me what a pain in the ass it was a simple job that turned out to be awful (seems to always happen) But so how was the header job? A pain in the ass??
  5. I like how the Hookers and ORY fit. I actually gained ground clearance over the stock Y. I used to park at a slight angle, you could always see the stock Y and the clearance between it and the floorboard. Now, the much bigger ORY fits higher, the only thing I had to do was put a crimp on the top it on the drivers side so it wouldn't rattle. The headers are high also.
  6. I see you have the hooker Lt's and hooker y pipe? ory....I just got all the same stuff today hooker ceramic coated with the hooker ory pipe..and am goin to do it soon as i get a day. How is clearance with that stuff on there? I have eibach pro kit with bilsteins also you think thats gonna be a problem? Sorry to bother you i'm just curious on what to be aware of. Tough install?
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