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  1. I've been good. I've been laid off for awhile and finally back to work now. I've been trying to sell my ss I wanna buy a lower mile car with t tops or was contemplating a c5 Bette maybe.
  2. Sorry for not getting back earlier, things have been pretty good down here. Should be doing some more work to the SS here next month so excited about that. Besides that not much new, how about you?
  3. Hey how's it going man how's Florida
  4. Hey how's it going man how's Florida
  5. Luckily my roof panel was replaced under warranty around 30k. I've seen the 6le ones and they aren't bad, definitely easier than redoing the factory one. And im in s. Fl just north of fort lauderdale. Unfortunately we've been getting lots of rain but hopefully it clears up.
  6. you have a hard top to right? have you had any problems with roof bubbling from the gm glue? i have a few small ones forming i was thinking about getting one of those fiberglass replacement roofs from 6le what do you think?
  7. i was in maine but i do traveling healthcare work. so ive been in hilo hawaii for the last three months working here but ill be flying back to maine soon. im missing my car it seemsits been sitting in storage for ever lol. what part of florida do you live in?
  8. Not bad, been raining a lot lately. You're in maine right?
  9. hows it going bro hows florida?
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