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  1. Yes, it has definitely been a while. I've been doing alright, just working mainly. How have you been? Sounds like you still have the camaro. As for the brace, don't recall any vendors selling hotchkis stuff but then again the site has been pretty slow lately. Good hearing from you and hope to still meet up one day and snap a few pics of the camaros
  2. Whats up buddy. Its been a while! I hope all is well. I was wondering if we have a Hotchkis Vendor here? I am looking for the black strut tower brace. The cheapest I have found online is for $230.00. Let me know whenever you can. Thanks pal.
  3. haha, it took me forever to find the smiley to fit my story
  4. Thanks Bert. And now that i got a camaro again we got to do a camaro shoot.
  5. Next thing you know you will be a MOD. Congrats Alex. Keep up the good work!
  6. Thanks Bert, and yeah hopefully you get to see this one
  7. Nice ride Alex! Cant waitt to see what you do to this one!
  8. Did you get the camaro?
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